The idea of ‘ideal’.

What does something have to be for it to be ideal? It is our interpretation of what perfection is? Or is it just something we think will provide us with the most happiness possible? In an ideal world, we should ideally be able to have everything being ideal for us. Right? I find myself to be a true supporter of the “Ideal ‘blank’ List”, whether it be an ideal situation, home, lover, friend, etc. Don’t the things we focus on expand? i believe that. There’s a fine line between being grateful for and enjoying what you have, and then wishing for something better. I guess it’s just all about the balance. So what is an ideal life? It doesn’t exist. Every person on this earth (or any other, for that matter) has a different idea, or a different ideal, as it were. So if you’re reading this, stop and ask yourself, what’s ideal to me?

Well, I guess since this is my blog, I’m allowed to be talk about what’s ideal to me. I’ve spent a lot of time pondering this idea. What is perfection to me? Where would I be the most happy? What kind of person could bring the most joy into my life? What kind of job would I love to go to every day?

I would like to lead a small life. Valuable, but small. I would like to help people to feel as happy as I would by helping them. Does that make sense? I would like a quaint, French town, outside the city. I would like to spend all day in cafes and bookstores, sipping lattes and snacking on biscotti, while reading about astrology and the experiences of the people who I share this thing called life with. I’d like someone to love, and someone who loves. Just an idea-l.


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