I’ve got a lot to cover!

There’s a free spot for parking in Nob Hill right across the street from my house. If you want to come over, you better do it now! It’s kind of weird seeing parking in my hood. Like, it makes it look more empty… Mmm, I smell Thai food out here. So here’s the deal; I’m sitting out on my “balcony”, listening to music, and waiting for Nahren to get home so that we can drink tea and catch up on our lives. I haven’t seen her since my birthday, isn’t that sad? I remember when we first moved here and we’d eat bowls of egg noodles with sauce every night. Life was so pretty and easy and fat. Now look at us, it’s been more than a week since I’ve seen my best friend. It’s a little saddening, but then again, I’m a Cancer. So isn’t everything supposed to evoke some kind of emotion? It’s tough being emotion-based. Intellectual people find you so boring and well, emotional. But then again, if I’m with someone who’s a little like me, there’s an unexplainable high from the power of sharing the way you feel, and having it be fully understood.

So, for no other reason than wanting to be able to remember all of this later in my life, I’m going to talk about the “Summer Break” I had. As it comes to a close (my first day back is on Thursday) I reflect on the events that have taken place. You know, I have to say, even in the first three days of vacation, it had already become the best one yet. This past three and half weeks of my life have been absolutely spectacular. I think I’ve been more social in this small amount of time than I have in the entirety of the rest of my life. Seriously. It all started June 19th, 8 days before my most amazing birthday, ever. Now, I really wish that I could paint a story for you with all the many adventures that I had, but my anal retention wont allow it. So I’m going to make a list of all the great things that happened and reasons why this break was so amazing and then go into detail about select events. (Side note: Parking spot gone!)

1. A recently acquired boyfriend.

2. Shopping with my mother.

3. Trips to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

4. The zoo.

5. Having a giraffe eat my leaves.

6. My many birthday celebrations.

7. The Crib with Nahren.

8. Pride’s Pink Party.

9. Adam’s Pink Party.

10. Pride Festival at the Civic Center.

11. A walk to the Ferry Building.

12. My first PopScene experience.

13. Dolores adventures with my girlfriends.

14. Shopping by myself.

15. Many new friends.

16. Seniore’s Pizza and “Special” sauce.

17. A lot of Not-a-Lot-of-Sleep-Overs.

18. Indian Food.

19. Thai food.

20. White rum and Odwalla.

21. My first Boy Bar experince.

22. Free CDs from Urban Outfitters.

23. Brunch at the second hip-est spot in the Castro.

24. Sleeping in.

25. Walking up super early, coming home, and then sleeping in.

26. Being a third-floor associate.

27. Future fun: The beach on Wednesday. (Side note: This is also a special (but probably only to me) day for me & B.)

Okay, so as you can see, my life has been lovely, recently. The best part, though, was most certainly my birthday weekend. It was filled with clubs, cute movies you can sleep through, cake, new clothes, parties (both regular AND Pink), views, parks, celebrations, and oh, so much more.

But my fingers are a little tired of typing now, so I’m going to try and bring this to a close. I’m really excited for school to start back up. I’ve got a good schedule worked out in combination with work. Oh, and Sydney and I have all of our classes together, amazing.

I’d also like to make a small, and highly emotion-based interjection: Bryan is the first boyfriend I’ve had in over two years. Obviously I’m a little rusty at the game, but I have to say, it’s worth the wait. I really don’t even know what I want to say. I just feel like I should document this feeling in some way. It’s just nice to have someone care about you in a way that’s more than just friend-ly. Plus, my favorite thing in the world is cuddling, and don’t boyfriend and cuddling go hand in hand? Speaking of hands, I also like holding them. Jeez, could I be any more of a hopeless romantic? I don’t think so. I’m a total sucker for the sappy stuff. But anyway, Bryan, if you’re reading this, thank you. And don’t bother asking, “for what?” It’s just, for everything.

Nahren’s here, we’re going to have tea now. Good night.


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