“Blogged for the very first time.”

Here it is. The first one. I know that none of you reading this was actually waiting for it. Probably, I told you that I had created this nifty little spot and you decided to ‘come on down’. Did I mention that The Price Is Right is the theme of my school right now? Yeah, I go to FIDM. Our school does themes.

So, the whole point of these blogs things is to talk about your life, right? They’re supposed to let you reflect on things you’ve done. I guess let me start by telling you when I’m doing currently. I’m sitting at my MacBook, located on a desk in the front area of my studio apartment. I just lit a Orange Chiffon Cake candle I purchased earlier today in the Castro District. Let me just say, it smells fantastic. I’m listening to the sounds of Chris Martin singing in my ear. The current track is ‘Easy to Please’ off of the ‘Brothers and Sisters’ album. Did I mention that I’m a huge Coldplay fan? Yeah, we roll mad deep. Oh, new song. This time, it’s ‘Trouble’. I’ve got this great playlist I created for my iPod with all my favorite Coldplay songs on it. Anyway, back to my current state. I’ve got on an old comfy hooded sweatshirt and my gym shorts from high school. It’s so ironic the magnitude of my disgust at having to wear them when I was forced to, versus the joy I get from wearing them now that I don’t have to. Also, a pair of grey wool socks complete this fabulous outfit. Hey, you can’t be glamorous all the time, right? My apartment is in slight disarray. I’ve been rearranging. I’m trying out the whole Feng Shui thing. Maybe then the Gods will grant me better luck, or balance, rather. Did I mention I’m quite the klutz? Back to the apartment. The bed is covered in clothes and old paperwork in need to recycling, or filing. New song, ‘Warning Sign’. A personal favorite. The dining table is in no fit for dining. Unless you’d care to eat two pair of sunglasses, a pack of white tea-lights, a water bottle, my wallet, and a photo album. I didn’t think so. I’m not even to get started on the floor. It’s not that it’s dirty, it’s just, occupied. Clothes, shoes, books, papers, art supplies, magazines. It needs some work, but I’ll get around to it eventually. I’m actually very excited about this whole, blog situation. I’ve been coveting my own page for some time now. I was never sure how to get it started, you know? I experience a lot of things living in San Francisco. I would have to say that my life is kind of interesting. I mean, I think that people enjoy hearing my stories. Well now, they can read them. And don’t worry, this isn’t going to be some kind of, “Dear Diary, today I saw the cutest boy…” outfit. I’ll only post that which is worth reading. Writing freely in paragraph is also going to be very new for me. I’m much more anal retentive than that. If I’ve got something to say, I truly enjoy making a good list out of it. But no one wants to read… 
1. Woke up late.
2. Ran to class.
3. Aced my quiz
do they? I guess you, the people, will just have to let me know. And really, I don’t expect many people to read this. Nor do I care that much if they do. In all truth, I’m doing this as a creative outlet. I love to write things out. I love to be able to look at my thoughts on paper. Or, a computer screen, as it were. There’s almost a personal strength in the dissection of your own creative process. I’m also really jazzed about putting up pictures. I pretend to be a photographer sometimes, so I’ll most definitely be sharing my life with all of you, in pictures.

But for now, I’m going to have to say, “Goodnight.” I have work tomorrow. Bright and early at eleven o’clock.

“And I know I was wrong. But I wont let you down. Oh, yeah I will, yeah I will. Yes, I will, I will.” 


4 responses to ““Blogged for the very first time.”

  1. I like the list idea. . I’m into lists.

  2. Congrats on your first blog. Now random people like me will read all about what kind of candles you light, and think about purchasing them for their own use.


  3. You paint a nice picture! More!

  4. i love this. you’re so creative/smart/wonderful. i love you babe.

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